Ilan Frisch is one of Israel’s most prominent trail & mountain runners, Head coach and Co-owner of Summit – Running & Fitness club, and a true activist & entrepreneur of the trail runners community in Israel. Active participant of running and triathlon races in Israel and abroad. A Marathoner, a Triathlete, an Ironman and an Ultra-marathoner. In the past decade, Ilan has focused on his true love – trail running and ultra marathons. Finihser of  DXT, CCC, TDS, Lavaredo Ultra Trail and UT4M, and more of the toughest trail and mountain races in the world.

Ilan (born 1972) was not born and raised into the sport, but rather become acquainted to running in 2004 when he carried some few extra pounds and a demanding high-tech job. Step by step Ilan evolved in the running community, from short road races to marathons, continued to learn to ride and swim and began to compete in triathlons, and even completed several Iron Man competitions in Europe. In 2010, he began to coach runners and triathletes in Endure Club. During his work at the club, Ilan fell in love with the trail and mountain races. He began competing in ultra marathon and trail races in Europe and developed the mountain running field in Israel in general and in the club in particular. In 2014 he trained and led a group of 8 Israeli runners to the first OCC race in Mont Blanc and a year later led a delegation with a double number of runners to similar races.

In 2015, Ilan initiated the establishment of Summit – Running & Fitness Club in collaboration with Roman Spivak. A ground breaking club, the largest and most professional in Israel for trail & mountain runs. Within the framework of the club’s activities – the initiation and production of running events and training camps in Israel and abroad, and outlining the way for the community of trail runners in Israel.

Ilan, married and father of 3, lives in Tzoran, in the Sharon region. He is a coach with vast experience in personally leading hundreds of trainers to their goals, from the first race of 5 km to an ultra-marathon of 100 miles and more.

Ilan is a lead writer in in Israel’s Runpanel magazine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. Graduate of the Coaching course at the Adler Institute. He is a graduate of the running and triathlon coaching course at the Siim campus – the School of Sports Professions at Tel Aviv University.